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Naomi Kilby


Naomi Kilby is a Soprano and Singing Teacher

based in South East London. 

Have Ballgowns, will travel.

...Naomi Kilby as Pamina is simply superb. She is not the storm-tossed innocent of some versions... her version of the “Ach, ich fuhls” aria near the end of the opera was one of the best I have ever heard – sweet and beautiful but aching with sadness and disillusion..." 

Owen Davies, Plays To See, 2022

'...and Naomi Kilby’s luminous soprano (which has developed exciting depth and strength in recent years) is both engaging and affecting as the innocent heroine Adele.'  Charlotte Valori, Theatre Cat, 2019

‘Superb as the heroine Julia, absolutely secure in her long and florid lines, but also has the control to allow her to sing Rossini’s high notes quietly’ Owen Davies, Plays To See, 2017

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